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Week 23: 2/12/2018

We started the week off by having an old friend of BNS come back. Mr. Peterson from “Mike Peterson’s Kempo Karate School” came and instructed all the classes on Tuesday. All the students seemed to really enjoy doing something different and learn about it. The students of Tourquise, Blue, and Purple 6th learned about some blocks. He also taught them and Purple 7th about how to fall correctly. Something that will hopefully benefit them later on if they continued to practice it at home. For Purple 8th, Mr. Peterson taught them a little bit more about how to get out of possible scenarios if someone came up and grabbed them. All in all it was a pretty fun day and all the students seemed to really enjoy it. (Don’t forget about the free classes for a month if you want to try out his school in Christiansburg!)

On Thursday in the morning it was warm but a little rainy so we started off inside and then went outside. For Tourquise and Blue we did a worksheet about the cost of smoking (similar to what Purple did a few weeks ago), then designed a shirt that was about not smoking. They were all very creative with their shirts and will send them home next week. For Purple roomers we went outside in the afternoon because it was super nice. We started off with ‘Line Tag’ and a ‘Valentines Day’ tag game in the mulch to stay away from the mud. After those games we moved over to the basketball court where we did a game from early on in the year called, ‘Castle Kickball.’

Hope you all have a great three day weekend! See you next week!

Week 22: 2/5/2018

This week has been filled with a little bit of inside work and then going outside after that. With the “petri dish” hitting me this week, it was the best course of action. On Tuesday, Blue and Turquoise started off by doing a conflict resolution worksheet. Where they had two pick one of the four scenarios, explain the conflict and why it was important to solve it, and then how to solve the conflicts. For Purple they were given a worksheet about tobacco and how much it costs if you smoked a pack of a cigarettes a day, half a day, or in a week. Then shared what they could use that money for instead. Along with watching a video about the effects of smoking has on our bodies if we choose to do so. After doing our work inside we went outside for a few minutes where we played a game called ‘Yoshi’ from earlier in the year.

For Thursday each class did roughly the same thing. They were split into groups of 3-4 and given age appropriate scenarios (from classroom.kidshealth.org) on bullying. They were then given about 15-20 minutes to come up with a skit in their group about the scenario and how the solve the situation. I had them pretend they were like commercials that were going to be aired in next years Super Bowl. After sharing the skits with their classmates we then went outside to the blacktop and did a game called ‘Toilet Tag.’ Which is very similar to ‘freeze tag’ however instead of just being frozen then you have to squat down and put a hand out like the handle. To get unfrozen, another student has to come by and “flush the toilet” (pushing the your hand down).

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Someone from Kempo Karate School in Christiansburg will be visiting on Tuesday to demonstrate and instruct with all my classes on what Kempo Karate is.

Week 21: 1/29/2018:

On Tuesday we stayed inside because of how cold it was out. For Turquoise and Blue, I showed them a video about Media Literacy and then one about the impact some foods have on our environment. In the last few minutes of class we were able to do some Just Dance videos. For middle school it depended on the class on what were the videos. For Purple I showed them about the affect of some dinner foods on our environment and then one about pollution/garbage.

Thursday all my classes did about the same thing. We started off with a came called ‘Rock Paper Scissors Dragon.’ Where you play the game against other students in the class and if you win then get behind the person who beat you. So eventually you had the whole class in two lines and the students in the front were facing off against each other. Next we played a game that is very similar to ‘Freeze Tag’ but is called ‘Super Hero Tag.’ Instead of everybody being able to unfreeze, only one person (super hero) is able to unfreeze other students. Then we played a game that purple had played before but 4th and 5th hadn’t, called ‘Mushroom Ball.’

Have a great weekend!

Week 20: 1/22/2018

Luckily on Tuesday the weather was nice enough for us to go outside despite a little wind. For Turquoise and Blue we started off with a warm-up of ‘Submarines and Landmines’ on the blacktop. Then I ended with ‘GaGa ball’ for the students. I did something in between those two games however I can’t quite remember what it was on this Friday. I’m sorry! For Purple I gave them kinda a free day where they wrote down a warm-up game and then another game they wanted to play that day. I feel they have been doing well with the videos in health and wanted it be a reward for them. Each class ended up doing something different.

On Thursday for Turquoise and Blue we started off with a game called ‘Toe Tag.’  Where you have a partner and you put your hands on their shoulders, then try to lightly tap each others toes for a point. Next was a game called ‘Side by Side Tag’ where the students are split up in half on either side of the court and try to tag other students on the shoulder or back. If a student gets tagged then they just go to the other side and continue trying to tag other students. Following that was ‘Dragon Tag Tail,’ where students are in pairs and one gets a flag belt and one flag. The goal is for the pairs to stay together and the person without the flag belt is trying to grab other students flags while the one with the belt is trying to stay connected to the ‘head’ without losing their flag.

For Purple we started the class of with health. Where we watched two videos and then talked about what they saw. The topic for health was Media Literacy. With the growing rate of technology in our lives students need to have the information to be able to spot the differences between real news and other types of media. (The videos links are posted below; 7th and 8th saw the PBS special, whereas 6th saw the one from Brain Pop. Both saw the made by John Spencer)After watching the videos we then went outside and for a few minutes where students were able to do the ‘Toe Tag’ and then followed by ‘Dragon Tail Tag.’

Have a great weekend!

PBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4fwJHhv6ZY

Brain Pop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQMSKRrDjB4

John Spencer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf8mjbVRqao


Week 19: 1/15/2018

I hope you were able to stay warm and enjoy the snow for a little bit this week! On Tuesday we started off with a game called ‘Submarines and Landmines.’ It’s essentially a combination of ‘Sharks & Minnow’s’ along with dodgeball thrown in there. A few hula-hoops were scattered out which represented the submarines. Each ‘sub’ was given two torpedos (dodgeballs) and they tried to hit self controlled ships (other students) as they ran across the field or blacktop. If they were hit then the student turned into a landmine in the playing area and were able to reach out to try and tag another student as they ran by to also turn them into a landmine.

On Thursday we had to be inside all day due to the weather. For Blue and Turquoise I started off by giving all the students a ruler. They held the ruler at the bottom or at a certain number on the ruler and then they tried to open/close their fingers as quick as they could. This helped show them how quick our brain reacts(This activity was also done with Purple as well.). Next we watched a short video on asthma and how it happens. After the video we did some ‘Just Dance’ videos from YouTube. Which is a video game that if you had a console you would try and match the dance moves to score points. Where as from YouTube you are just trying to match the dance on the screen instead and no points can be earned. We did one first that was a Mario themed dance. Next I gave each student a straw and we did another dance but this was ‘Ghostbusters’ themed. The object of this was so they had to dance while only breathing through the straw, this way they would get a small representation of what it is like to have asthma and exercise.

In Purple we watched another video made by CBC News, which explored grilled chicken in fast food restaurants. It helped show students where and how food actually ends up in these restaurants and why it is so convenient for the food chains. Purple 8th and 6th (didn’t have time with 7th) to watch a video about McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Which tied in very well with the CBC video because I was able to talk and show the similarities between the two and how food chains aren’t what they really seem.

Week 18: 1/8/2018

This week started off a little bit muddy! On Tuesday my classes played two games for the day. One was called ‘Rock Paper Scissors Tag.’ Where you are with a partner and you play rock paper scissors like you normally would, if you win then you get a point, and try to run to a line behind you before your partner can tag you. If you make it to the line then you get an extra point, however if you don’t make it and you were tagged then your partner gets a point. Next we played a outdoor version of four corners. Where students try and last as long as they can by switching corners and a student in the middle counts to 10 or 15 and then chooses a corner. Students in the corner that was called are out. The game restarts once everyone is caught and the last person left is the next person in the middle.

On Thursday for Turquoise and Blue we started off with a game called ‘Elbow Tag 2.0.’ Where two people are it and they are trying to tag other students. If you are tagged then you become the next “it.” To protect yourself from being tagged then you can link arms with another student for five seconds. Following that we did a partner tag game where two students are together and one is the tagger while the other is running away. If a partner catches the other then the partner that was tagged does three jumping jacks and then chases after their partner. We then finished with a version of bowling on the blacktop. Where you are in a team and you are trying to knock over two cones; one cone is worth five points and two cones is worth ten. It is a constant rotation of the team from rolling the ball, to spectating, to setting up the pins/collecting the ball.

Purple room watched a video about processed foods and how they aren’t what they seem. The video came from CBC news (a Canadian news source). I will link the video below if you are interested in watching it yourself. Following the video we went outside for a short time where we played “Elbow Tag 2.0.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUKOt_SvTQc

Have a relaxing weekend!


Week 17: 12/11/2017

Tuesday was a chilly but fun day for all the classes. We started off with a “Jack Frost” tag game, where students were snowflakes and being turned into icicles by taggers. Then one person was able to go around and turn the icicles back into snowflakes. The next game we played used yarnballs for snowballs and students had a “Snowball Fight” on the basketball court. If they were hit by a yarnball then they went to the other side where they had to wait till someone on their team threw them a present (dodgeball) and got them back in the game. (Purple classes went inside for the last 10-15 minutes because it got colder in the afternoon. 7th and 8th did a few Wii dance video’s from youtube. Where 6th didn’t have enough time and played a round of 4 corners before class ending.)

On Thursday Turquoise and Blue started off with “Candy Cane” tag. Where students were turned into candy canes when they were tagged. They needed to be freed by someone running under their arms or coming and undoing the “wrapper” (by spreading the frozen persons arm apart). They then played “Pin Down” where students had a cone (gingerbread house) to guard that was inside the hula-hoop. They got a dodgeball (giant marshmallows) to throw at other students cones. If their cone was knocked over then they switched with someone who was out and waited till someone else’s house was knocked over.

Purple 6th and 7th only had 20 minutes of P.E. on Thursday do to showing the elementary students their science fair projects (which everyone did a great job on!) They were able to do a quick warm-up with “Candy Cane” tag and they played a few rounds of giant four square.

Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Tuesday looks like the day we will be doing health for Purple do to rain that is coming. We will see how much it is raining to determine if we stay inside with Blue and Turquoise.

Week 16: 12/4/2017

Turquoise and Purple (Blue was on a field trip) started the week off with a game that is called “Hula-Hoop Tag.” I put 4 hula-hoops down in each corner of the basketball court, along with one in the center of the court. Two students are given dodgeball and stand in the hula-hoop in the middle. On the start of the game students try to move in a clock-wise rotation trying to get hoop to hoop. If hit by a dodgeball from someone in side the center hoop then they switch with them. We then played a game called, “Yoshi.” Which is similar to CTF however you are trying to get all of your team in side the safe zone on the other teams side. Instead of having to return a single item, you want everyone in that zone where a flag would be. It makes students have to think about when to run to the hoop or if they want to leave the zone to come back and help defend their sides zone.

On Thursday Blue and Turquoise started off with “Helicopter Landing.” Where it is similar to the “Marioland” game we played a few classes ago. Except instead of becoming a massive group of taggers, if you are tagged then you just switch the tagger. Following that we played a few minutes of “Elbow Tag” or “Bump Tag.” Where students are in two’s or three’s and they link arms together. When a student attaches to one end of the group then the person on the other end runs. After this we ended the class playing “Yoshi” one more time and allowed Blue to see what the game was.

For Purple we started Health by playing a pre-Health Jeopardy game to see what they already knew or didn’t know. All the classes did really well and seemed to enjoy the game. Following the Jeopardy game we were able to go outside for 10-15 minutes or so where Purple 6th and 8th played “Elbow Tag.” Where as Purple 7th played the “Hula-Hoop Tag” game because they were unable to on Tuesday due to the basketball court getting too slick from the rain.

Enjoy the snow that came down today and have a great weekend!

Week 15: 11/27/2017

Hope you all enjoyed your week off and had some relaxing family time! We started the week off on Tuesday by playing a new tag game called “Pass Tag.” Where the objective is for the tagger to try and freeze all the other players. However those players are passing a ball to each other trying to those frozen to unfreeze them. Following that, we played “Castle Kickball” a game that both Turquoise and Blue were asking to play before Thanksgiving Break. Purple did not have P.E. on Tuesday because they went and saw “Coco” during there slotted P.E. time.

On Thursday all the classes started off with a warm-up game called, “Marioland.” Hula-Hoops were placed out and each pair of hoops were a different land/area from the Mario games (Mario’s Tube, Bowser’s Castle, Princess’ Castle, etc.) In the middle was a cone where the Goomba’s (Taggers; a character from the Mario games) stood before the round. They would then say a line and all the students in the hoops would have to find another hoop with out getting tagged, if they were then they also became a Goomba until there were one or two students left in the game.

Due to the a couple students missing in Purple 8th, I had them play a new game called, “Ah Soh Coh.” Which is a memory/movement/rhythm game. I learned it when I was a camp counselor. The objective of the game is to try and last as long as possible or you become a heckler on the outside, trying to mess others up. The other classes played, “Capture the Ball.” Which is similar to CTF however I made boundaries with the cones around the ball and made sure they knew it wasn’t like the version they play at recess or lunch.

I feel like for the past couple weeks I’ve said were going to start health but have not yet for purple 8th and I apologize for not yet. I didn’t realize that Purple had their field trip this week until Monday and then when Thursday came, it was hard to say health when the weather was as nice as it was. However regardless of what happens in the next few weeks until winter break there will be one health class each week for Purple. With how Southwestern Virginia weather usually gets in February to March we’ll probably have a week or two where we won’t be able to go outside. So we will definitely be able to cover all the material we need too.

Hope you have a good weekend and see you next week!

Week 14: 11/13/2017

Turquoise and Blue continued their work on four-square for Tuesdays class. The main objective was to continue to get them familiar with the specialty rules along with making sure they are only hitting it and not catching it. As a starter for the classes including Purple, they play a game called “Line Tag.” Each student was given the opportunity to draw a couple lines on the basketball court for the game with chalk. Purple roomers once again played “Giant” four square. This is for them to have the ability to help the younger students if they are playing with them.

After hearing a few disagreements about the speciality rules and seeing some students were still holding the ball during four square. I decided to have Blue and Turquoise play a little bit again at the beginning of class on Thursday, however there were no speciality rules allowed. This was to help them make sure they are only hitting the ball once and hopefully it showed them how to play when the speciality rules are allowed.

Each class pretty much had different activities for it being the last P.E. before break next week. Blue and Turquoise were able to play “GaGa Ball” and “Switcheroo.” Where as Purple 6th and 7th played “Llamar”  and a dodgeball game called “Swamp Ball.” Purple 8th started off with “Sneaky Ninja”, then moved to “Pac-Man Tag” in the mulch, and finished with “Llamar.”

I was supposed to start health this week however when the sun came out today and being the last P.E. day before break decided to give the Purple roomers a fun day. Starting the week after break Purple will have one day of health and one day of P.E. a week depending on weather which day will be the health/P.E. day.

Hope you all have a great and relaxing break! Safe traveling and see you in a week!

Week 13: 11/6/2017

Tuesday started off with Blue and Turquoise doing an activity that involves Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The basketball court was split into three different levels where each time you win against some one then you move up a level. Once you get through all three levels then you earn a point. The goal is to try and earn as many points as possible in the time given. Next we worked on the updated four square rules that had been sent out. We were able to make two four square courts for students to play on so there was more time for them to be playing and learned the new rules.

Purple started with a game that is similar to four square but is a giant version. The basketball court was split around the two-thirds mark and made four quadrants inside it. The classes were then put in pairs or three and played. After that we did a game called pin knockdown. Which is a dodgeball style game where the objective is to protect your cone from being knocked down.

On Thursday, Blue and Turquoise started the class off with a warm-up called “Pirate Tag.” There are four hula-hoops around the blacktop that are ships (safezones) where they had three seconds to stand in before trying to find another. There were two people who were the pirates trying to tag students and if they tagged someone then that student went to the hula hoops in the middle (the brig). To get out of the middle they just needed to be tagged by someone who was free. Next we played a game that is called “Jail Dodgeball.” Where instead of getting out you go to the other teams side and have to hit someone on that team with a ball to get back in. Makes for a lot of action and for students to constantly be aware. They seemed to really enjoy the days despite the wet weather we had this week.

Have a great weekend!

Week 12: 10/30/2017

All my classes started their lessons off with a Halloween theme game on Tuesday called, “Trick-or-Treat.” Where one person who is a tagger has a noodle and trying to scare off the children. Students were placed in partner teams where they tried to get in the middle of the circle to grab a piece of candy (small object) to bring back to their hoop (candy bag). If they were tagged then they had to go back and their partner would then go. The objective was to get as much candy as possible. To finish the lesson we did another Halloween them game. Where students tried to protect cones (which were called ghosts or zombies) and used dodgeballs (candy apples) to throw at the cones. Blue and Turquoise during the middle of those two games continued to work on their football and throwing skills.

For the second lessons of the week students of Blue and Turquoise started off with a warm-up called, “Secret Agent Tag” which we had done earlier in the year. We then continued to work on our football skills, throwing and catching. A few students were able to work in three’s where one person is trying to defend a student trying to catch the ball. The two outer students are trying to get three catches in a row to earn a point. If the person in the middle knocked the ball down they earned a point. After that they played a “Castle Kickball” from earlier on in the school year.

Purple roomers started off with “Secret Agent Tag” as well and then we moved into a game called, “Crack-a-Bout.” Which is a free-for-all dodgeball game which we had done in the beginning of the school year. We will play it by ear next week on weather, if there will be a health lesson instead of P.E. Due to the purple roomers going on a field trip on Thursday and could miss P.E.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Week 11: 10/23/2017

Tuesday for Blue and Turquoise we started with a tag game called, “Pizza Tag.” The game has two students be chefs (taggers) and then the rest of the class is split up into three groups. In each group they come up with a pizza topping for the game. Then the chefs call out a pizza topping and that groups try to cross. If they are tagged then the player goes to the side and cheers on the rest of their team. The next game we played was called, “Eraser Football.” The goal is to teach kids how to move through a field using football techniques. The objective is for a team to get the eraser to the other side without being tagged by the other team. The other team does not know who has the eraser and they really seemed to enjoy it.

Purple roomers on Tuesday did the first part to the physical fitness test that I have for them. It started with the push-up test and the curl-up/crunches test. Which they all did great at!

Blue and Turquoise on Thursday started with a game we did earlier in the year called “Builders and Bulldozers.” Then we went over the proper technique for a student their age to throw a football. So for roughly 15 minutes two students got together and practice throwing and catching. Giving me the chance to walk around and help with form. We then finished with “Eraser Football” because they didn’t end up having much time to play on Tuesday.

The Purple roomers did the pacer test and the sit-n-reach test on Thursday. They all pushed themselves and did a phenomenal job on the pacer test. They all got their revenge today during messy day by throwing whip cream at me!

Have a great weekend!

(Purple roomers we will have two days of P.E. next week and then starting the following week (11/6) we will have only one day of P.E. a week until February. This way we will be able to cover the health topics that we need to for the year.)

Week 10: 10/16/2017

For Blue and Turquoise on Tuesday we played a dodgeball game called “Switcheroo.” Where instead of getting out, you switch to the other team. The objective of the game is to have everybody on one side of the field. Purple had the ability to decide what they wanted to do in their classes this week because of the Field Trip on Thursday (7th and 8th missed P.E. that day with 6th grade P.E. getting cut short for when they got back.)

On Thursday for Blue (Turquoise did not have P.E. because of a field trip.) we started with “Blob Tag” or also known as “Amoeba Tag.” Where if a student is tagged then they link onto the tagger and form a long chain. Then played a generic version of “Freeze Tag” called “High-Five Tag.” After that we played “GaGa Ball” on the blacktop to finish off the day.

Next week: The Purple Roomers will be taking their physical fitness test for the beginning of the year. Which includes: Pacer Test or Mile, Push-ups, Sit and Reach, Curl-ups.

Week 9: 10/9/2017

We started the week off on Tuesday by playing a game called “Robot Tag.” The game involves students moving throughout the field trying to pick up robot parts (random objects) and put them in a hula-hoop. They try to avoid the students who have a noodle trying to tag the robots. Next we played a game called “Team Tag.” Each student was split up into one of four teams and given a ball of some type (dodgeball or soft soccer ball). The objective was for students to tag players on other teams with the ball.

On Thursday we started off with a game that I learned from my camp called “Sneaky Ninja.” It’s where one person stands in a certain spot and the rest of the class tries to hide as close to them as possible. Next we played a game called “Crazy Chef,” which I did a spin off from the movie “Ratatouille.” Where students were Remy and trying to find food for themselves and a couple students were the chef from the movie trying to catch him.

Week 8: 10/2/2017

I allowed the students to have a choice of what they wanted to do on Tuesday. I had each student write down a tag game on a sheet of paper and then another game they enjoyed this year. We then put them into two different bags and we pulled out one of each; those were our activities for the day. They seemed to really enjoy having the chance to say what they wanted to do and a nice reward for them. The students have been great for me so far this year!

For our second lesson on Thursday we started with a game called, “Secret Agent Tag.” A game where students aren’t sure who is it at the beginning. We then followed that up with another game called “Snakes.” Which is more of a team-building activity. Students were in a group and formed a snake, the objective was to pick up as much snake food as they could.

Have a great weekend!

Week 7: 9/25/2017

On Tuesday we replayed the game “Footsketball,” something they had been taught the previous week. There warm-up for Tuesday was playing “Octopus Tag” which is remotely similar to “Sharks and Minnow’s.” The only difference is if you get tagged then you can’t move and have to find a place to stand in the field.

On Thursday we started off with a tag game where the class was separated into 4-5 students per group. One student was chosen to be the tagger and another student was being chased. The other students in the group linked arms with the one being chased and tried to block the tagger from tagging them while moving around the field. Then we played a game similar to “Capture the Flag,” where there is four teams on the basketball court trying to gather their teams object from the other three teams.  Feel free to ask your student about the game as they all seemed to enjoy a lot.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Week 6: 9/18/2017

All of my classes on Tuesday were introduced to two new games. One was called “Jewel Thieves and Guards,” where students try to collect as my jewels (small objects) and return them to their safe house. The guards were trying to stop them by tagging jewel thieves before they got to a object or on the way back to their safe house. After that they were taught a game called “Footsketball,” It’s part football and basketball, with rules similar to ultimate frisbee. Students attempted as a team to put a ball through either the basketball hoop or a hula-hoop hanging from the basketball hoop.

On Thursday the students replayed two games they had done earlier in the year. One of the games was called “Elbow Tag” and the other was “Castle Kickball.”

Have a great weekend!


Week5: 9/11/2017:

All of my classes this week had roughly the same activities. Due to the weather on Tuesday for Purple-roomers we had to stay predominately on the blacktop in order to keep shoes from getting muddy. We played a modified version of a game called Gaga Ball, Sharks and Minnow’s, Everyone’s It Tag, Crack-A-Bout, and Llamar. However the Blue and Turquoise rooms were able to learn a game called Alaskan Baseball on Tuesday. It was a pretty fun week and the students seemed to enjoy the games that were planned for them.

Have a great weekend!

Week 4: 9/4/2017

The focus of the lessons this week was techniques used to play volleyball. On Tuesday, all classes worked on the bump and set motions used in volleyball. We then played a game called Nuekum, which is a catch and throw game over a volleyball net.

On Thursday we reviewed the bump and set for a few minutes with some practice. However due to the rain on Wednesday the volleyball field was too muddy to be used. So Blue and Turquoise had a warm-up game called Builders and Bulldozers and then a game called Castle Kickball. The Purple-roomer’s warm-up was a game called Llamar (you try grab flags from each other as a free-for-all) and then finished with Castle Kickball.

Enjoy your weekend!


Week 3: 8/28/2017

This week each class got a little bit of health, due to the weather on Tuesday. Blue and Turquoise rooms watched a video from Discovery Education about the Food Pyramid. They then completed a worksheet about healthy decisions when it comes to food safety. They were asked to track their meals from Wednesday, this will be used in a later lesson. On Thursday for P.E. we played a version of Capture the Flag.

The purple roomers for health on Tuesday did a human anatomy coloring page. It was of the human body and the human skull. We then watched a Discovery Education video about the science behind breakfast foods. Which showed having certain breakfasts food have and how they effect the environment. On Thursday the 6th and 7th purple roomers played a version of Capture the Flag. While the 8th graders played a game called Crack-A-Bout, which is dodgeball but a free-for-all version.

Have a relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend!


Week 2: 8/22/2017

The Blue and Turquoise rooms did some throwing and catching practice with our younger Elementary P.E. teacher Reagan on Tuesday. While I was with the Purple roomers on the hike to the cascades, which was a great time! On Thursday we attempted a cooperative game called Moon Ball, then played Sharks & Mino’s, and finished with a baseball activity because of the Pulaski Yankees game field trip. Hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend!


Week 1: 8/17/2017

Day 1 of the school year! We started off by doing a name game where we tossed a ball around the circle and tried to see how quick we could do it. Then played a couple of tag games as well; Amoeba tag and Ant Tag.  I also had all the classes fill out a questionnaire to see what type of activities/games they would like to do in the school year.